Capricorn July 2019 – unpredictable changes


Online Store: Clairvoyant Psychic Readings Website: FaceBook: Carolyn Clairvoyant Psychic Readings Carolyn Clairvoyant knowns as Australia’s most giving clairvoyant- A natural born clairvoyant discovering my gift unfolding before them during my early teens. I have since embraced my path with spirit and learned to trust that which I have been given. I have dedicated over 30 years to my path with spirit. I believe that our journey may be pre-mapped but our vehicle of choice is up to our own self and our choice of experiences that we may choose to have in this lifetime. I sway between clairvoyance and empath. I often gain sensory impressions through my own body and the relationship to the energetic vibration that surround a person, object or impression. I utilize tarot, numerology, colorology, psychometry, (photo readings, items etc.) and karmic or soul’s journey astrology. I am self-taught in my modalities which I believe are valuable instruments to give wholeness to readings and the soul’s journey. I specialize in all aspects of life – Home, Family, Love, Relationships, Money, Career, Business, Health and Betterment. I have designed and released several decks and authored books relating to my passion and love of tarot, numerology, colorology, soul’s purpose and released a book solely based around clairvoyance and my work with spirit. The readings contained within the book all validated – titled Messages and Beyond. Although I do not class myself as a Medium – I do receive messages or impressions throughout my readings. I run and perform workshops, live presentations and guest appearance regularly throughout Australia. I cater to a large client base in Australia, UK, US and Europe due to a heavy social media presence. My readings are precision based to be direct, honest and guidance based enabling delivery of the full influence or clear insight of any given circumstance. I will use a combination of clairvoyance, tarot or direct information channeled by Spirit to deliver my readings. My compassion and ethical approach to my work is my moral compass and something I hold strongly throughout my 30 years of working with spirit in the public sector. XX Cosmic Hugs XX Carolyn is available world wide for her services via Email, Skype, Tango, Whats App, Viber, Face 2 Face, FB Chat Video, and Phone Readings #CarolynClairvoyant #cardoftheday #tarotscopes #horoscopes #tarotcards #tarot #clairvoyant #psychic #psychicreading #medium #mediumshipreadings #predictions #dailyscopes # #instapic #instaquote #instafollow #zodiac #starsigns #astrology

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