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A horoscope wheel with the zodiac sign of Cancer selected. The horoscope wheel here has all of the zodiac signs featured, but Cancer is the one highlight and represented by a crab. This image of a horoscope wheel will make an ideal image in any astrology, horoscope, or Cancer zodiac sign related article.

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Astrology or Vashikaran is believed to be abstract science as well as a prediction art. There are many astrologers in India. Astrologer ZUBAIR KHAN is a renowned name in the field of Muslim Ilm Totke. He belongs to the family of Molvi and lives in India. He is a well-known vashikaran specialist all over the world owing to his expertise in vashikaran. He has an experience of over 25 years in the field of Totke, Ilm, Spells, Black Magic & Vashikaran.

Gaining an expertise in Black Magic & Spells, he also is well versed in other fields of mantra and offers services such as Wazifa, Istikhara, Surah and many more. As he started practising these ilm & totke at a very young age, he can read anything about person and exactly tell in and outs of an individual. By using these powers, he would also suggest corrective measures for problems. For instance, changing the spelling in a name or wearing a gem that suits the horoscope. So, he makes use of other forms of astrology, such as Numerology and Gemology or others, to make sure that the problem of his client is eliminated from the roots. ZUBAIR KHAN is considered to be a famous Black Magic Expert and Vashikaran Expert too. His clientele includes movie starts, spiritual teachers, professionals from almost all streams, CEOs of chief companies. As he has been able to guide them about their lucky number and Good Luck Spells, which could give them strengths to perform better, they have become successful in their lives.

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This video talks about the Numerology 2020 prediction for people who are born on 6,15 or 24th of any month.
(This video has been re-uploaded since our channel was hacked sometime back and all the videos were lost from the channel. Uploaded in favor of millions of people who didn’t see it earlier, thanks.)

Firstly, what is the significance of Year 2020 as per Numerology?
2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4. Hence Year 2020 is the year of 4,i.e., RAHU(Struggle).
We know that people ruled by Number 4 as per Numerology have a sharp mind. Hence the global economy might slow down this year showing sudden ups and downs.

Now let’s discuss what effect does the year 2020 have on people ruled by number 6 (Driver number 6) as per Numerology.
Number 6 represents Venus(Luxury) and year 2020(4) represents Rahu.

Please watch the video to know the following for people ruled by number 6(born on 6,15 or 24) this year:
* Suitable professions
* Important Remedies

Hope you liked this video. Keep watching this channel for new video on Numerology 2020 prediction for number 7.

Arviend Sud is a world renowned Numerology and Vastu Shastra expert. He is called the Trainer of Trainers and conducts his online and offline courses worldwide.
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jetbluestone’s photos on Flickriver
An aged rose lying below a window at the end of one of the many prison barracks at Birkenau.

Barrack consisting of "sixty-two bays each with three ‘roosts’. A roost was originally supposed to hold three prisoners, but Bischoff’s [chief of the Auschwitz building office] numerology increased the capacity to four. To sleep, to sit, and keep his belongings, each prisoner was now provided with ‘private’ space that amounted to the surface dimensions of a large coffin or the volume of a shallow grave."* Originally built for Soviet POW’S, it was later to become part of the woman’s camp.

"Charlotte Delbo in her book "Auschwitz and After", wrote: "A brick has come loose from the low wall separating our cell from the next where other larvae sleep, moan and dream under the blankets that cover them- these are shrouds covering them for they are dead, today or tomorrow what does it matter… We feel that we teeter on the edge of a dark pit, a bottomless void-it is the hole of the night where we struggle furiously, struggle against another nightmare, that of our real death."**


With Geeta Sharma’s Professional Numerology course, you can earn money and also turnaround your life. Her online numerology classes are live via Zoom. It is a certified numerology course.

For the full numerology syllabus please watch the full video.
By the end of the online program, you will become a #numerology calculator.
Numerology Course: Basic Level
What is Numerology and Introduction about Numbers
History of Numerology
Vibrations specific to numbers
Characteristics of numbers Zero to Nine.
Calculating personality and Destiny number
Importance and effect of personality Number
Importance and effect of Destiny number.
Driver Number
Conductor Number
Driver Conductor relationship
Compatibility of numbers
The Lu Sho Grid
Study of arrows
Luck and unlucky directions
Arrows of strength
Arrows of weaknesses
Importance of the birthday date ie 1 to 31
Repetition of numbers and their impact
Missing numbers and their impact
Remedies for missing numbers
Advanced Level:
Positive & negative impact of numbers
Combination & Aspects of Numbers
Compatibility Calculation
Name analysis in English
Name Correction of individuals
Name correction of business, project, product, etc
Mobile number correction
Address correction
House Number
Vehicle number correction
Marriage compatibility
Business Partner Compatibility
Relation Compatibility
Astro – numero Grid
Significators of Planets / Numbers
Significators with Numbers Application
Career counseling as per Number
Daily Prediction
Monthly Prediction
Yearly Prediction
Medical numerology
Study of 81 Combinations
Remedies According to Shastra

Concept: Geeta Sharma
Video edited by Himani Neena
Creative director: Neeru Bahl

Reiki Grandmaster Geeta Sharma offers healing techniques for various problems with Reiki meditation and other holistic healing methods. She discovered the wonderful world of Reiki in 2002.
Geeta uses a combination of ancient healing techniques. She combines Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystal healing, dousing, and Tibetan singing bowls to help her clients through their tumultuous phase. She is also an expert numerologist and an astrologer and a Tarot card reader as well. With her Vastu Shastra expertise, she helps in overcoming negative blocks created in life because of Vastu Dosha.
She teaches Reiki, Tarot reading, Switchwords, Numerology and Chakra healing, Kundali Vastu, and face-reading online via zoom.
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Disclaimer: All videos are for information purposes and hence your doctor’s advice should be followed. The information provided within should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information contained is not intended for medical advice, but for living a healthy life in general.

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1. Tropical beach at sunrise- Artist- Siraphol Siricharattakul “”
2. Sun video – Author – Videvo
3. Cosmic Love- Artist- Bruno E.
4. ZapSplat
5. Bell sounds- Zapslpat
6. Naturals- endless love
7. Hiclipart


Online Store: Clairvoyant Psychic Readings Website: FaceBook: Carolyn Flynn, A natural born clairvoyant whom discovered their gift unfolding before them during their teens. I have since embraced my path with spirit and learned to trust that which I have been given. I have dedicated over 30 years to my path with spirit. I believe that our journey may be pre mapped but our vehicle of choice is up to our own self and our choice of experiences that we may choose to have in this life time. I have five gorgeous children and presently 3 grandchildren. Life was never a normal job with normal hours – no, it was juggling being a mum and the building of and running a very busy business. Although over the years I did step back from my path with spirit and got what they call a NORMAL job! Only to find my calling too strong and thus I have dedicated my path to my work with Spirit. I have embraced the technological highway since 1995 therefore, have built many years of clients and networks throughout Australia and internationally. the good fortune to be blessed with many interesting adventures with my work – I had a live radio show “ Carolyn’s Cosmos” between 1999 and 2000 with 2GZ (Orange NSW and servicing the central west). My fist opportunity in which to connect with listeners over the air and bring some predictive powers to the fore! I went on to develop many predictive or divination products along with a popular website called Metaphysical World. Although over the years, like the changing of tides, I too chose to bring the business to better identify with myself. Therefore Carolyn Clairvoyant was born. I travel a lot with my work. However, I spent the past 3 years developing a stronger online social media base. This enabled work to follow me no matter where in the world I may be. This coupled with some very smart moves involving Fiverr and Etsy broadened my reach and allows my work to flourish. Not known for sugar coating my readings – I give a direct answer and full impression on what I see in one sitting. This is my style for I was always one to believe if I spoke the truth and see the truth I would like to hear the truth. I always asked spirit that I may do the same courtesy for others. I sway between clairvoyance and empath. I often gain sensory impressions through my own body and its relationship to the energetic vibration that surround a person, object or impression. I am passionate about tarot, astrology, numerology, psychometry, colours, divination and all forms of health and well being. I have taught Tarot, playing cards and other modalities throughout my career. In the recent years I designed and released several decks and authored books relating to my passion and path with Tarot and Divination. My knowledge and teaching is well sort. Sharing the information and watching how others find their own connections is pure gold! " We are all gifted, we are all borne from spirit" xx Cosmic Hugs xx Carolyn (Flynn) Clairvoyant. Carolyn’s Tarotscopes highlight the influences surrounding your month and cover Home, Family, Career, Goals,Finances, Well Being and Relatonships/Love Carolyn is available world wide for her services via Email, Skype, Tango, Whats App, Viber, Face 2 Face, FB Chat Video, and Phone Readings #CarolynClairvoyant #cardoftheday #tarotscopes #horoscopes #tarotcards #tarot #clairvoyant #psychic #psychicreading #medium #mediumshipreadings #predictions #dailyscopes # #instapic #instaquote #instafollow #zodiac #starsigns #astrology


The sum of your birth date numbers can explain and break down the nature of your existence. Understanding the significance of your birth date can be a great place to start yourself on the journey of numerology.

Understand and examine the significance of your birthdate, and how it can guide you to your life’s purpose with Shipra Chadha.

Date: Friday, November 27th
Time: 5 pm to 5:30 pm

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Identifier: illuminatisacrep00llul
Year: 1517 (1510s)
Authors: Llull, Ramon, 1232?-1316 Lavinheta, Bernardus de
Subjects: Philosophy, Medieval Theology Numerology
Publisher: Lugduni : Per Jacobum Marechal calcographum : Sumptibus vero Simonis Vincent …
Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute
Digitizing Sponsor: Getty Research Institute

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Text Appearing Before Image:
9 fubicctiefuo tnodo:vt p5 r-. ..- .1 .—n ,.^ ^J: „; b^bcrct DC totovuiuerfoqoebe feipop pma fpc ft no eet veru intellecf dde no-, (S imagmatiuabonitate/nccpburationem^ £_ tc.necg etia babcrettnatiira cu q fit vXeV f particularismccp etia regfa dc b.oino •^ ^I 4^ r~rrrm>f ^ cic/t no be ali^ aliopncipic pteiacentc.£t p fc6a5 fpecic eft oiSm qo c be rotma% matcna fubftantuU 1 vfi ?nuuiui;)c

Text Appearing After Image:
r/f ffvC^< vvc(-fiA^ Jln- y vM*vs- r t (tJi5**^ nre-^ (Quampar^ fluA ft«ma fecfccnaat fo:me eticularce.jejtqua materia tiutenc particulnree.gpfuinqiiii1ivtmicrrumcDCi:co q>fu3creatura e.£t Ijoc qd mtelligi pot oe bonitatc vniucrfali«fubftiitiaii i magniituditte «.q quidc quo ad fuugcttuepzimitiua funt.-pcr fccud.i^ fpcctc Ijui re?fiule:bonitaa qmdcj cit oe botficatujo/boitiftcribiii 1 boniftcarc.-j: magmtiido 6itiagniftcatiuo/magmftcabili t magniftcarc/vniucrfaUb«:i fic ■i ceteris fuo moc)c eo (f ptc8 ei func.Ct Ijoc idc bici potfccolb bonitatib pticularib/magnitu ne9p:mcip(o:u5«pcircfful30.b.c.jBi$;tie qmdcm c(tp;obabitc;quoniam (Ibd;mtaeTtlBTTSnalw i fic be mtcUcctu 11juiufmodi no cfTet per rccuda5 fpecic l?m»rcgule/carcret quide ipfa fpccic/zrictiotjabcrct c)C quo elTct/viidc icqueretur cpnott cfTct per fc e)ciilc6/(cd elTet fuut nccidea q^ carcrct iccuda fpccic.b.^ecp itipfabonitae e(Tet ratio fubftantialiter/nc<p bonus pwduceret bonii (ubftat

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The sixth episode of Vedic Numerology – Season 2 series focuses on health aspects of number 6 which is associated with planet Venus. It discusses the health issues and their remedies associated with Number 6. This episode informs the viewer about the various ayurvedic remedies and medicines that can enhance the physical and mental health of a person who is associated with Number 6 in Vedic Numerology.

Rudi Kuhn is a numerologist who has studied directly with Late Harish Johari in this sacred India tradition. He is based out of Amsterdam. He is also a specialised in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Gauri Babber is spiritual aspirant based out of Mumbai and she is asking questions to Rudi.
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